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The using way of imapct crusher
Date:11-15-2013     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery as a leading crushing and screening equipment manufacturers and aggregate processing comprehensive solution providers.Yifan machinery painstaking developed a highly efficient,energy-saving crushing equipment.Yifan machinery impact crusher is in the absorption of foreign advanced technology,combined with the actual situation to optimize the design.Meanwhile HC imapct crusher cavity bigger,better,under the same conditions, improved production efficiency crushing equipment.



Impact Crusher working principle is stone directly into the top of the machine high-speed rotation of the turntable;the centrifugal force at high speed,with another part of the turntable umbrella manner around the shunt produce high-speed collision of flying stones and high density of the crushed stone at each fight , then they will form between the turntable and the chassis caused by swirling motion against each other many times , rubbing,grinding,straight from the lower discharge. Form a closed loop several times by the screening device control to achieve the required particle size .
Impact Crusher Debug:Before replacing the hammer and the rotor parts,should be balanced configuration; → Adjust belt tension modest,fixed motor; → Check the installation position of moving parts,deformation,Tighten all bolts, check the seal is good ; → check electrical box wiring and fastening,adjusting time delay relays and overload protection, connected to the circuit,select the appropriate fuse; → check the operation of the hydraulic system is reliable , with or without leakage; → Clear crusher foreign body , move the rotor by hand to check for friction, collisions.
Here,Yifan Machinery sincerely hope that the contents of the above can help the majority of impact crusher users!