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JC jaw crusher starting description
Date:11-26-2013     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Preparations before the operation of JC jaw crusher: Before starting the crusher machine,firstly,check the main components of the connector device and fastening bolts.It needs to make sure that whether there is loosening or not,whether jaw broken safety device has not retained its integrity or not.Secondly check the fragmentation chamber.Last but ont the least,wait until it's all done, ready to ensure jaw crushing before the operation.
It is consistent to Start jaw crusher with normal procedure with other machines. The need to follow the rules and order to start, when you start the main motor, to protect the uniformity of feed, in addition to the machine bearing temperature should maintain a certain degree, is not too high. In the case of jaw broken electrical equipment appear automatically trip, and does not know why, do not force the machine continuously activated.
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