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Jaw Crusher Parts Performance Introduction
Date:12-10-2013     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Jaw crusher is the most common crushing equipment and also the most widely used crushing equipment.Here the performance of jaw crusher parts analyze description:

jaw crusher part
1.jaw crusher frame racks are opening up and down the walls rigid frame , used to support the eccentric shaft and bear fragmentation reaction of materials, require sufficient strength and stiffness , usually with the whole cast steel , small crusher can also be used in place of high-quality cast iron . Cast frame mainframe segment needs , and then bolt firmly linked into a whole casting process complicated. Homemade small jaw crusher frame also
Available thick steel plates welded together , but poor stiffness.
2.jaw crusher adjustment device adjusting device has a wedge-type , plate and hydraulic , etc., generally use the wedge , the wedge consisting of two front and rear , the front wedge can be moved back and forth , back withstood the push plate ; later to adjust wedge wedge can move up and down , the two inclined wedge bonding backward by moving up and down the wedge screw is adjusted so that the size of the discharge port . Small jaw crusher discharge port regulation is thrust plate bearing shims between the rack to realize how much change after use .
3.jaw crusher jaw plate and side guard by the fixed jaw and movable jaw jaw bed and jaw plates, jaw work , regardless of the fixed bed in the jaw and wedge bolts . Jaw jaw bed frame is anterior, moving jaw jaw hanging in the week on the bed , have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing counter- power, and therefore most of the cast steel or cast iron .
4.jaw crusher eccentric shaft drive spindle machine is broken , by a huge bend torque, high- carbon steel . Eccentric parts should be finishing , heat treatment, bearing liner with Babbitt pouring . A pulley mounted at one end of the eccentric shaft , the other end of the flywheel device .
5.jaw crusher eccentric shaft bearing lubrication device usually centralized lubrication cycle . Spindle and thrust plate support surface generally use the grease gun oil to the oil by hand . Movable jaw swing angle is very small, so that the lubrication between the spindle and bearing difficulties , often open several axial bearing oil groove bottom , middle to open a ring connected to the tank to make it , and then forced to inject dry butter oil pump lubrication .
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