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why is jaw crusher violent vibration?
Date:12-24-2013     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

After long hours of work,jaw crusher equipment will be vibrations due to their own foundation or other problems arise, leading to the entire device is not working properly. This phenomenon of violent vibrations over a certain extent it will affect the normal production and reduce efficiency. But why is jaw crusher violent vibration?

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Cause jaw crusher vibration generally has four reasons:
1, flywheel misalignment, imbalance leads to the crusher.
2, jaw crusher screw loose or break, resulting in loss of connection components.
3, the fixed jaw crusher foundations loose, causing vibrations.
4, jaw crusher bearing damage, the gap is too large.
These problems are usually to be found in the production, so the use of jaw crusher regular inspection and maintenance is very important, as long as diligent resolve avoided jaw crusher severe vibration.
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