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Jaw crusher inspection and maintenance in china manufacturer
Date:01-04-2014     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Yifan Machinery specialized produce jaw crusher manufacturers in China. Jaw crusher application is extensive,which mainly for material crushing function. Yifan Machinery jaw crusher has two types: PE jaw crusher and JC jaw crusher . As the jaw crusher is widely used, so it's failure problems and avoid failure become the focus of attention.

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Jaw crusher inspection and maintenance in china
During the machine check , you must first check the bearing fever , another temperature must not exceed sixty degrees , if that happens , exceeding this temperature must immediately stop the machine running , begin to troubleshoot routine examination . Check the lubrication and cooling system is working properly then dry pump lubrication voice.
Jaw crusher for adjusting to the ore , and it is a very important process. Required to maintain a uniform amount of ore as possible .
Slag formation there are four reasons : Modification after refining slag is not clean . Standing long enough. Gating system is unreasonable. Agitation or contaminated .
In China there are a lot of jaw crusher manufacturers, Yifan Machinery has been able to stand out because of his production of crushing and screening equipment with high performance, while also providing the service , the customer has a good reputation .