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The right installed meathod of jaw crusher bearings
Date:01-06-2014     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Jaw crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in mining machinery production, which is mainly used for primary crushing, high crushing efficiency. When the jaw crusher machine is installed you need to install bearings,but how to install it?

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Jaw crusher bearing preparations before installation :
Before bearing assembly to check whether the rust, if any, should be cleaned with diesel or kerosene . And then we need to check the bearing radial clearance , bore size and precision , the eccentric shaft assembly journal size, etc. to meet the requirements .
Jaw crusher bearing installation method :
Due to a large amount of equipment bearing journal surplus , with the general press-fit method is difficult to put into the journal , you must use hot charging method, the bearing is heated to a temperature of about 100 ℃ , such as expansion into the shaft hole is larger than the size of the journal , can be assembled .
After Jaw crusher bearings installation what needs to be done :
After the broken jaw bearing assembled wait for it to cool completely , then use feeler bearing radial clearance, if the clearance is too small , or no , to promptly find the cause , then had to find not remove reassembled . If the clearance is right, it can be coated with grease , then other parts of the assembly .
These are Yifan Machinery staff make a detailed explanation about the jaw crusher bearing installation steps. If you have any questions , please contact us online , here we have professional technicians to solve any problems about crusher equipment.