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Yifan Machinery provide high quality jaw crusher parts
Date:01-15-2014     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Yifan Machinery is China's leading manufacturer of crushing and screening , the company has more than crushing and screening equipment in the field of technical experts , with a strong new product development capability.Yifan machinery also produce crushing and screening equipment required for wearing parts, and the establishment of a large number of stocks that can provide you with a convenient supply of spare parts . Including jaw crusher parts - jaw plate, movable jaw plate , static jaw plate , etc., crusher parts - back liner plate hammer, rotor racks , Sand accessories - rotor , cones of material , retaining rings, etc. . Products throughout the country , a large part of export products abroad .

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Jaw crusher movable jaw plate features, advantages description:

1.jaw crusher movable jaw Banzhu have flywheel, eccentric shaft , connecting rods, front and rear thrust thrust plates ;

2.the movement of the movable jaw jaw crusher is a means of connecting rod, push plates to achieve ;

3.each jaw crusher flywheel mounted at both ends of the eccentric shaft , the eccentric shaft supported in the frame of the side walls of the main bearing ;

4.part of a jaw crusher is installed on the link in the eccentric shaft , one end of the front thrust plate are supported on both sides of the lower link brackets ;

5.the other end of the jaw crusher movable jaw plate supported on the movable jaw plate production in the lower part of the elbow,the other end of the thrust plate supported on the back wall of the rack mount brackets;

Movable jaw plate is the main parts of jaw crusher,and therefore understand the jaw crusher movable jaw characteristics is necessary.Yifan Machinery jaw crusher crushing with the most high-end technologies to meet customer requirements of different materials broken.If you have any need,please give us a message online,thank you for your interest in Yifan machinery.