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The methods to improve jaw crusher production efficiency
Date:03-04-2014     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

Jaw crusher is the most widely used in primary crushing,such as metallurgy, mining, building materials , railway, highway , water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. To enable users to use high-efficiency jaw crusher , Yifan machinery technician to give you some advice. If you do not know what the place , you can consult our customer service staff.

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[1].the number of revolutions reasonable adjustment of the machine can effectively improve production efficiency , jaw crusher should not put too fast transfer speed during operation , it would have been crushing chamber crushed ore time to discharge , resulting in congestion, not only did not improve efficiency, but makes the decline in production capacity , cost of electricity has also increased .
[2].While ensure product granularity , rationalizing port of discharge , so that the angle between the movable jaw and fixed jaw size in the optimum range , the machine can also promote production efficiency . Finally , more attention should be easy to wear lubrication and replacement of spare parts , maintenance of the machine effectively maintain the smooth and efficient operation of the machine . On the other hand , from a material point of view needs to broken ore material should not be too wet , if too wet adhesion within easy crusher, conveyor under the influence , and therefore should reduce the moisture content of the material before crushing then broken, it can effectively improve production capacity. Anyway in the daily operation of the machine , and should be more focus on some small details , will greatly improve the efficiency of the machine.

Yifan machinery in the years based on experience of jaw crusher for primary crushing . Therefore, the quality of jaw crusher demanding to ensure that users can use high-efficiency jaw crusher .