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Why jaw crusher sudden shutdown?
Date:04-23-2014     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing
Jaw crusher is main crusher equipment in primary crushing.Jaw crusher sudden shutdown appears in the working process.This occurs mainly due to the following factors:
jaw crusher
1.eccentric shaft stuck: the eccentric shaft adapter sleeve is loose, causing no clearance on both sides of the bearing seat frame, eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn the need to re-install or replace the adapter bushing.
2.bearing damage: Due to poor working conditions, workload, causing serious damage to the bearings, replacement of the bearings can be re-production.
3.low voltage: The voltage is too low powerless jobsites broken stone, resulting stew car. For this case only the new workplace voltage can be adjusted.
4.discharge port blocking: Large material viscosity or feeding too fast, resulting in the discharge opening clogged, causing nausea warehouse full of cars. Clear discharge outlet obstruction, produced after the discharge port to ensure the smooth flow.
5.belt is too loose: As a belt drive sheave too loose, resulting in rotating boring belt slippage, this situation only replace the belt on it.
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