• Mobile jaw crusher plant performance and precautions 08-20-2013

    In the mining machinery manufacturing process,raw materials primary crushing mainly through jaw crusher to achieve, therefore, the life of the jaw crusher impact crushing efficiency.Below we summarize the main reasons of jaw crusher short life :

  • YIFAN Crusher in the future in promoting the development of the industry in concrete 08-20-2013

    Gravel equipment industry has been noted that the 2013 infrastructure projects approved remains a relatively fast growth rate, and real estate investment rebounded, while annual investment growth of more than 25% of the national water conservancy construction full speed, as well as railway infrastructure investment accelerated sharply in late 2012.

  • YIFAN's new jaw crusher used for dealing with all rocks 08-20-2013

    The new type jaw crusher produced by zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery insists on the service attitude .We also can provide you with the overall technical support. This new jaw crusher has many advantages

  • YIFAN open offensive development of jaw crusher information technology 08-20-2013

    Information technology to stimulate industrialization, promotion of information technology, is the inevitable choice of China in the 21st century to take a new road to industrialization. Of course, the whole jaw crusher industry economy is growing, mainly deal with the rapid development of society, to keep up with the pace of social development.

  • China jaw crusher technology to enhance the position of the whole industry 08-20-2013

    Crusher is currently the most widely used an efficient new crushing equipment, under the same energy efficient, larger capacity, better product quality, and the new crusher selective crushing capacity, and its development prospects.

  • YIFAN jaw crusher with a maximum utilization without friction 08-20-2013

    Jaw crusher is YIFAN through the successful experience of similar products at home and abroad, painstaking developed a highly efficient, energy-saving crushing equipment. Sized jaw crusher which is YIFAN fist products, especially in the design and production of large jaw crusher, the at home and abroad have been at the absolute leading level.

  • Believe these YIFAN Machinery jaw crusher manufacturer will seize this opportunity 08-20-2013

    In recent years, biotechnology has been vigorous development, increasing demand for biological materials. At present, a lot of jaw crusher manufacturers are already working on exploitation of biological materials jaw crusher machines, we do not want to give up a godsend!

  • How to choose china jaw crusher? 08-20-2013

    How to choose high quality Chinese jaw crusher? YIFAN machine will tell you that China jaw crusher crushing critical look at the selection of products, jaw crusher feed opening, jaw crusher quality and other factors.

  • Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery advent of the new jaw crusher 08-20-2013

    Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a new type of JC jaw crusher,which upgrade form and interior design of old jaw crusher.New jc jaw crusher's appearance and performance has been further improved.The successful development of New JC jaw crusher marking Yifan Machinery Company has become the international market in the field of coarse crushing technology.

  • Yifan Machinery mobile jaw crusher is different from other company. 08-20-2013

    Jaw crusher is the host of mobile Construction waste jaw crusher.It uses two jaw plates on the material extrusion and bending, crushing or broken in various hardness materials broken machinery.Due to advantages of simple structure,reliable working and able to crush hard materials, etc., Mobile jaw crusher is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate and ceramic industries.

  • It is necessary to know how to solve Jaw crusher Problem. 08-06-2013

    Jaw crusher withstand greater torque or vibration when it is operation.So china jaw crusher often cause transmission failure.Because jaw crushing is very important in crushing machine,it is necessary to konw how to sovle Jaw crusher Problem.

  • In Principle, YIFAN china jaw crusher has the Greatest Manufacturing Ability 07-22-2013

    For the china jaw crusher , the moving jaw swinging eccentric shaft speed desides frequency. In a certain range,when the eccentric shaft speed increases, china jaw crusher corresponding increase in production capacity, however, when the swing jaw exceeds a certain limit, further increase speed, very slow increase in production capacity, and sometimes even reduced. The china jaw crusher power consumption is rising rapidly due to the high speed of the eccentric shaft material crushing good time to discharge from the discharge port, but affected the production capabilities. To ensure the china jaw crusher has the best ability to work, reasonably determine china jaw crusher eccentric shaft revolutions is necessary. To obtain the china jaw crusher eccentric shaft speed,it can be used for the following two hypotheses: As long as china jaw crusher itself dosent have a very big swings, it is assumed for the translational motion moving jaw, clamp a constant angle; mobile jaw away from the fixed jaw crusher, we have broken material trapezoidal cross-section prism free fall by gravity. In order not to interfere with the discharge of materials, the material falls prism conditions must be met: mobile jaw plate away time, crushing the material must fall height should be hold when the china jaw crusher eccentric shaft revolution, the movable jaw swing twice. In priciple, the highest production capacity of china jaw crusher, the result of the type and nature of the material is not considered the china jaw crusher type and other factors, therefore, only be used to roughly determine the speed of china jaw crusher. Typically,the more hard crushing materials,the smaller the speed should take ; crushing brittle materials, the biger the speed desirable; larger size of jaw crusher, should be appropriately reduced speed to reduce vibration, save power consumption. In fact, as the movable jaw plate china jaw crusher initial idle stroke, the material is still in the compressed state, not immediately fall.Therefore, the eccentric shaft speed should be higher than the value calculated on the formula of about 30% lower.china jaw crusher speed of the eccentric shaft can be calculated according to the following empirical formula: for the feed mouth width B 1.2m, with: n = 310-145B; the feed mouth width B 1.2m, with: n = 160-42B.

  • Yifan Machinery ,crusher expert manufacturer,is the impact crusher industry leader. 07-17-2013

    The device can be used to make sand is too many, such as impact crusher,china jaw crusher, cone crusher, which can better cubic lynx products crushers is impact crusher, thus It has advantage in sand make.

  • Improving china jaw crusher problems and extending new products 07-15-2013

    In order to meet the social development,Yifan machinery China jaw crusher for common problems were analyzed with a research organization of professional technical team cause of the problem