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The maintenance of the mobile jaw crusher
Date:04-16-2015     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

When maintaining the mobile jaw crusher, people should pay attention to the following points:If the transmitting gear of the mobile jaw crusher have the noise of impacting when it works, people should stop the machine and check and eliminate.The good lubrication is strongly related to the service life of the bearing, and it directly affects the using life of the mobile jaw crusher and the operation rate.Thus lubricating oil must be clean, and seal must be good. The installation of the new type is easy to loosen, so regular inspection is must.Pay attention to the degree of wear of the wear parts, and change the wear parts at any time. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine works properly or not.The dust on the bottom frame should be remove and prevent the circumstance that the bearing can't move on the bottom frame when the machine doesn't break material.Oil temperature increase, people should stop and check the reason and eliminate the barriers.

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Machine maintenance is a very important and frequent work, it should be connected with the operation and maintenance of the mobile jaw crusher. there should have professional staff to inspect, maintain in order to make sure the normal operation of the mobile jaw crusher, avoid machine breakdowns and unforeseen accidents which delays the progress of production site.